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The Video Marketing Starter Kit is a step-by-step guide that makes the process easy to follow - even if you feel like you don't have much experience or tech skills...


Become confident sharing your voice and unique message with the world. 


The process is easier than you think and you'll be able to follow along with simple steps.


Only you can be you. Start making videos that feel true to you and your message.


Get started using what you've got - no need to spend money on equipment that isn't necessary.

Why I Made the Video Marketing Starter Kit

This guide is to help people learn how to create videos so they can promote their businesses online.

The truth is that anyone can learn how to create videos, regardless of their age or tech skills. You don't need to be perfect, and your videos don't need to be polished in order to be effective. In fact, people often prefer videos that are raw and authentic! 

It's never too late to start using video marketing and there are endless opportunities to share your message and unique stories with the world.

If this is you - you  are not alone!

  • Feel overwhelmed by all the technology.
  • Too many options and don't know where to start.
  • Feels like it's a lot of work.
  • Think it takes too much time and effort to do it right.
Alice B.

Your guide is really helpful because some of the doctors will be able to send their recordings to their patients. 

We are still in beta but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! Thanks in no small part to your wonderful and informative video starter guide!!! 

You made really complicated technical things so easy I can get it.

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